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■ こんな人におすすめ

■ 当日の流れとスケジュール
1. 挨拶
2. 相談内容をヒアリング
3. 個別の質問に回答
4. 解散



Love Coaching Service

”How should I ask out a girl?”

”I'm not really confident with myself when it comes to women..”

"I know how to talk to women, but my relationships doesn't last long somehow"


I've done love coaching for more than 150 people (both men and women), and I gave each client different tips as there are various love/relationships cases.

When my clients come to talk to me, some of them are assuming having bad experiences in love/relationships is a bad thing, but I tell them it's not at all. The reason is, that means they learned some tips from them and now they know it's smart not to repeat the same experiences.

Some others think they're not quite good at talking to women, but that's not because of themselves but because they just need more experiences talking to women.

Not all popular guys were a popular from the day they're born. They've failed many times in getting girls and that motivated them to get better. Failure is not a failure but a medicine to become better 😉

I do my coaching sessions online, and I can do face-to-face session upon request.

  • Online Coaching Session (1 time)-6000JPY(60 USD) /h
  • Face-to-Face Coaching Session (1 time)- 8000JPY (80USD)/h
  • 1 Month Online Coaching Session(4 times)- 30000JPY (300USD)+ 24 hour Support+ Motivational/Helpful Advice (twice a week)

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions 🙂