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Who's Lily?


Thank you for visiting my page!

I am a Japanese model in Tokyo, Japan.

I speak Japanese and English.

I do modeling, real estate, love coaching and interpreting/translating.

I have one small tattoo on each side of my hips. One is a heart with diamond and the other is a rose.

I can do many looks such as pretty, sexy, natural, geeky, etc

★Modeling Career★
I started modeling when I was 19 years old. When one of my good photographer friends in Paris and I did a shoot for fun at first and posted the pictures online, that turned out to gain many people's attentions.

Until I graduated from my university, I used to do shootings between busy class schedules.

However, thanks to people I met by chance, I had got opportunities to work with a number of artists all over the world.

I always pursue to be better in terms of both internally and externally, and my modeling career let me do so in a best way.

★Dancing Career★
When I'm on stage, I'm pretty good at moving my body mostly in sexy ways that catch a number of people's eyes on stages

I've joined many events in Tokyo, one of the greatest party venues in the world. I love dancing because this is one way to express myself as well as modeling.

In addition, thanks to my classic ballet experience for 10 years, my body is flexible, which contribute to my own dance style.

★Travel Experiences★
I have been to America, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Hong-Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia, Philippine and Thailand so far. I love traveling and would love to do more soon.

For bookings and more details, feel free to send me a message!

***Only professional messages accepted***

***Please make sure you clearly write the following things; the type of work, concept, date, location, contract, and other important things ***









- Baladewa Batik モデル

- Honda Mobile Indonesia モデル

-  FreshlyWORN Magazine 表紙モデル

- Lowridaz Magazine 表紙モデル

- Tokyo Inter FM ゲスト出演

- KARA バックダンサー出演

- Next Auto Show 2013 ゴーゴーダンサーコンテスト優勝

- Beats By Dreオフィシャルイベント with Verbal and Eminem

- Armani Exchange コラボレーションイベント出演

-XL Japanコラボレーションイベント出演 等々